Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weaubleau Softball - District 5 Tourney

October 6, 2011
Weaubleau Lady Tigers Softball Team drew a bye as the #1 seeded team in the District Tournament.  #4 Seeded Hermitage beat #5 Seeded Wheatland on October 5, 2011 to advance to play Weaubleau.  Weaubleau defeated Hermitage 12 -2.
Highlights for the game were:
Jr., Catcher, Dana Graves started the Tigers scoring drive with a 3 run HR in the Bottom of the 3rd inning.  Scoring herself, Mariah Stewart, and Kelli Koehler. Both, Koehler and Stewart reached base on singles. In the 5th inning the Tigers had 3 triples, 1 double, and 2 singles.
Individual District Game Stats for Weaubleau:
Sr. CF, Ashley Kenig - 2/3 - 1 triple and 2 stolen bases
Jr. 2B, Jalisa Poe - 1 RBI
Jr. 3B, Cherith Roweton - 1/3
Jr. Catcher, Dana Graves - 2/2 -1 double and 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 BB & 1 hit-by-pitch
Jr. Pitcher, Jessie Stewart - 1/3
Jr. SS, kelli Koehler - 2/4 - 1 triple
Sr. RF, Bethany Roweton - 3/4 -1 double - 1 triple and 3 RBI
Jr. LF, Mariah Stewart - 3/4 - 1 triple  and 2 RBI

Jr. Pitcher -Jessie Stewart pitched 5 innings allowing 2 hits and 2 runs, 6 K and 2 BB

Weaubleau plays tomorrow at Humansville for District 5 Championships against Montrose at 4:30 pm.

Shelly Graves
Weaubleau Varsity Softball Coach
Weaubleau High School

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weaubleau Softball

Weaubleau Lady Tiger Softball Season record has increased to 20-4 after Friday, October 30th's forfeiture by Dadeville.
The All- Tournament Team has been named for the Weaubleau Tournament: Weaubleau's players are:
Sr., Ashley Kenig(CF), Sr., Ashley Richard(1B), Jr., Dana Graves(C), and Jr., Kelli Koehler(SS)
The All-Tournament Team for Wheatland Tournament has been named.  The Weaubleau lady Tigers Team members are:
Jr., Mariah Stewart(LF), Jr., Cherith Roweton(3B), Jr., Jessie Stewart(P), Jr., Dana Graves(C)
Weaubleau Softball has one season game left (Monday, Oct. 3 vs. Morrisville at Weaubleau at 4:30 pm). Then, Districts at Humansville start Oct. 5. Weaubleau is seeded #1 and will play at 4:30 pm on Thursday, Oct. 6 vs. the winner of #4 seed Hermitage and #5 seed Wheatland.  Remaining seeds are:  #2 Humansville, 3# Montrose, #6 Macks Creek, and #7 Climax Springs.

Shelly Graves
Weaubleau Varsity Softball Coach
Weaubleau High School

Friday, September 30, 2011

WEAUBLEAU Lady Tigers Softball

Weaubleau Softball

The Lady Tigers Softball Team suffered their first Class 1 loss on Sept. 27 to Walnut Grove with a 4-3 final score coming in 10 innings.
Jr., Jessie Stewart, pitched all 10 innings, giving up 10 hits & 4 runs.  J. Stewart had 10 K, 9 BB, and allowed 1 HR.
Weaubleau had 7 hits and 3 runs.
Jr., Jalisa Poe, led the Tigers' hitting with 2 base hits and 1 RBI.  Jr., Dana Graves went 1/3 at the plate with a BB.  Jr., Mariah Stewart, went 1/5.  Jr., Jessie Stewart, was 1/4 with 1 RBI.  Jr., Kelli Koehler hit a double and 1 sac-fly, and Sr., Bethany Roweton hit 1/4 with a double and 1 RBI.
Weaubleau lady Tigers traveled to Wheatland on Sept. 29 and were victorious over the Mules 9-1.
Jr., Jessie Stewart pitched a 7 inning, 1-Hit game, and allowed 1 run.  She had 11 K, and only 1 BB. (ERA-0)
Sr., Bethany Roweton and Jr., Mariah Stewart led the Tigers' hitting with 3 base hits each.   B. Roweton also had 2 RBIs
Jr., Jalisa Poe batted 2/3 (1 double), 2 RBIs, and 1 BB.  Sr., Ashley Richard batted 1/5 with 2 RBIs.  Jr., Cherith Roweton hit 1/3 with 1 BB.  Jr., Jessie Stewart, had 1 RBI.  Jr., Kelli Koehler, went 1/4 with 1 BB. 
Wheatland awarded stolen bases to Sr., Ashley Kenig, Pinch runner, Soph, Aubri Potter, Jr., Mariah Stewart, and Sr., Bethany Roweton.

WHS softball season record to this point is 19 W and 4 L

Shelly Graves
Weaubleau Varsity Softball Coach
Weaubleau High School

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weaubleau Softball test

Shelly Graves
Weaubleau Varsity Softball Coach
Weaubleau High School

Fw: Weaubleau Varsity Softball Update

Attached is an update on the progress of Weaubleau Varsity Softball from 9-13-11 to present. Also, Weaubleau Lady Tigers took 2nd place in the Weaubleau Tournament, 4th place in the Buffalo Tourney, and 1st place in the Wheatland Tourney.
For complete information on the 18-3 season please contact me at the following loc